Analyzing & Visualizing Tweet using Python, pyspark, Kafka, zookeeper and Tableau

Technologies used: Python with pyspark, zookeeper, Kafka, Chart.js and Tableau

Our Goals

  1. Scalability…

Supervised vs Unsupervised vs Reinforcement

Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Neural Network are few buzzwords in today’s world. Every body knows about it or want to know about it. This will be the trend of things going to be in next decade which will rule the technology. We can understood from this only that machine learning products capable of predicting like human. They are not absolutely correct but probabilistically best in the given condition. In other words, we can say they can imitate like an experts. You can understand where are we going to be in the upcoming years. But…

Generating topic is difficult, let us keep this to ML to do

It is type of statistical model in NLP which can be used to extract abstract topic for the document. It can be used frequently and for solving different purposes. …

Repeating the Style like Olden : ML Answers

Use Cases
Replicating the style of writing of Shakespeare or any other famous writer
Replicating the poems written in olden style. Other use cases in day-to-day work, you would have noticed while writing email / messages, getting auto suggestion based on the previous word typed by you.

Use Case : Content Generation

CG is based on content or text…

Forward and Backward Propagation

Boxplot : Different Statistical Measure in Single Plot

Once we are ready with the problem statement, we start collecting data from different sources. And, most of the time data is input or provided…

Importance of controlling and resolving this for NN model

Understand Bias Variance to have model to generalize better

Using ML model and making Data Scientist simpler by packaging to deliver the solution

Filters have meaning: Context filter is best out of that

Tableau is capable of achieving smart task in smart way. Better to learn and master them

There are certain problems which can’t be handled directly. Or, I would say you have to tweak the current features to achieve your requirement. Here, I will explain you how can we handle the requirement where we want…

Laxman Singh

Machine Learning Engineer | Data Science | MTECH NUS, Singapore

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